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Asian Arowana (Scleropages Formosus), also affectionately known as Dragon Fish (龙鱼) in Asia, is native to Southeast Asia. Asian Arowanas inhabit blackwater conditions in rivers and wetland, where the water is soft and acidic.

he Arowana is a geomantic and majestic fish and often regarded as a symbol of luck, wealth and prosperity. Arowana owners believe that if it is treated well, it will protect them from misfortunes and bless them with good fortune and good luck.

Arowanas are freshwater bony fish of the family Osteoglossidae, also known as bony tongues[1] (the latter name is now often reserved for Arapaimidae).[2] In this family of fish, the head is bony and the elongated body is covered by large, heavy scales, with a mosaic pattern of canals. The dorsal and anal fins have soft rays and are long based, while the pectoral and ventral fins are small. The name “bonytongues” is derived from a toothed bone on the floor of the mouth, the “tongue”, equipped with teeth that bite against teeth on the roof of the mouth. The arowana is a facultative air breather and can obtain oxygen from air by sucking it into its swim bladder, which is lined with capillaries like lung tissue.

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