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SianLon Group

Two generations in ornamental fish industry

Company Background

Founded in 1978 in Batu Pahat, a simple town in the state of Johor in southern Peninsular Malaysia. The natural conditions here have created an excellent environment for breeding and propagation ornamental fishes. With these conditions, which allowed the SianLon Group to expand from a family-sized aquaculture business with only six cement farms to eight fish farms with a total area of ​​nearly 2,000 acres today, and two aquariums for retail sales in 40 years.

arowna sianlon group fish farm

SianLon Group was founded by NG HANG YONG and NG HANG TONG brothers. The two brothers joined the ornamental fish breeding industry because of their love for fish. With the introduction of Asian Arowana, SianLon Group always believes that “Excellence is achieved by being mindful.”, and persists in unremitting efforts to keep improving and developing more high-quality ornamental fishes.

arowna sianlon group fish farm

SianLon Group exports thousands of high-quality Asian arowanas to the world each year, including China, the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and so on.

The company mainly breeds and propagates arowanas, followed by stingray, pikonni fish, discus fish, cichild fish and other ornamental fishes.

The “SianLon Aquatic”, located in Guangzhou, China, is currently the only fish farm in China that can directly correspond to domestic and foreign fish farms.

arowna sianlon history

Discover Sianlon’s Journey

sianlon arowna fish farm
Founded in Batu Pahat
Adhering to the love of fish farming, Huang brothers decided to jointly start the challenge of fish farming together in 1978
sianlon arowna fish farm
Introduction of Asian AROWANA
Sianlon fish farm successfully cultivated the FIRST artificially cultured gold arowana in Asia. Until then, gold arowana could not be propagated through artificial breeding.
sianlon fish farm
Motherland of Asian AROWANA
Sianlon Group successfully transformed Malaysia into a major arowana producer
sianlon fish farm
Obtained CITIES certificate & FIRST EXPORT
Successfully obtained CITIES certificate and started export business
sianlon fish farm
Expand business to CHINA
Set up offices and expand business in China mainland
sianlon arowna fish farm
Successfully listed on Malaysia KLSE
sianlon arowna fish farm
Main board of KLSE
PROMOTED to main board of KLSE
sianlon group arowna
sianlon logo arowna
arowna xianleng
arowna xian long aquatic sdn bhd

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